AI4ES Datathon 2022

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From November 28th 2022 to January 17th 2022
Type of contest:
Online Competition
Students or professionals in AI technologies

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Enroll in the AI4ES Datathon and prove your worth!

Are you a student or proffesional in Artificial Intelligence technologies for the processing and analysis of big data volumes? Do you like being involved in data-oriented challenges? Do you want to participate in an international Datathon and compete against other participants to test your skills?

The AI4ES Excellence Network is looking for the best students and professionals in the use of AI technologies for data processing, and for this reason, we launch the AI4ES Awards 2022.  

These awards will be offered under the Datathon format: an online competition, limited in time, where the participants must use their competences and creativity on the use of AI and/or Data Science technologies to build, test, and explore a solution dealing with a real data-based challenge. 

AI4ES Datathon 2022


The main characteristics of the AI4ES Datathon are as follows:

01. Participants

Participation is open to all individuals of legal age, both individually or as a team, with a degree (or being enrolled in one) providing competences on AI and/or Data Science. 

02. Categories

There are three categories of participation, with different prizes each one:  

01.Future promises (students and recent graduates with less than 3 years of experience), with a prize of 1000 per challenge.

02.Specialists (professionals with at least 3 years experience), with a prize of 2000€ per challenge

03.AI4ES Members (researchers of the AI4ES network), with an in kind prize valued in 1000€ per challenge

03. Challenges

Two challenges are proposed, to be selected within the registration form:

Challenge A – Image processing: Disease detection and quantification based on drone images for crop protection (industrial challenge) 

Challenge B – Data analytics: Incidence and evolution of viral diseases  (social challenge) 


04. Deadline

The selected challenge must be solved before the 23.59 PM 17th January 2023, submitting a small descriptive report of the developed solution. The solution will be presented orally to the Datathon Jury in a slot to be convened between 18th and 20th January 2023. 

Register now!

To register in the competition, fill the registration form available below. The registrations will close on November 25th at 23.59 PM 

For more information on the rules of participation and the description of the proposed challenges, please download the AI4ES Datathon 2022 rules available here. You can also download the descriptions of the proposed challenges here.

If you have any doubt or enquiry, you can contact with Datathon organizers through this email: